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E-commerce CRM solution helps major hotel chain drive growth

The client

The client offers upscale and luxurious hotel and resort accommodation through proprietary lodging brands and a management services division. It owns, leases, manages and franchises hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.

Business need

As one of the world’s premier hotel operating companies, its growth strategy includes e-commerce initiatives, in addition to increasing distribution and building brand equity through acquisitions, franchise contracts, customer conversions and development.

The key challenges faced by the marketing teams were to:

  • Retain existing clients, add new customers and drive repeat business
  • Provide a competitive differentiation by delivering highly personalized services
  • Provide customers with easy access to seasonal offers and special programs
  • Track customers to build a database for future programs
  • Provide information and showcase all properties and brands in one comprehensive interface

Infosys created the technological infrastructure for an e-commerce CRM solution to address these challenges and enable the client to meet its strategic objectives.

Customer acquisition and retention: The client wanted to initiate a customer loyalty program to provide customers with personalized services in hotels. The services to be included were email campaigns to update customers with marketing offers matching their preferences, website content revamp, capturing visitor preferences and so on.

Personalized service: In order to provide a rich browsing experience to site visitors, a personalization feature was enabled on each web page. For registered members, demographic information was captured and stored in the system with user profiles. Regular site visitor data was automatically updated on each visit by tracing the web pages visited. A system automating the routing of customer questions to the correct location was enabled.

Website upgrade: Micro websites were created for each property with the ability to host independent content while complying with the base corporate structure. An interwoven content management tool was used to create content, make it flow through a defined workflow and to publish it on the site. For the efficient and easy retrieval of data, a quick search feature was enabled on every page of the website. A third party search engine was integrated with the application.

Business benefits
  • Customer satisfaction increased as the website became a one-stop shop, providing an array of services and information
  • Increased customer retention by keeping the website content current and dynamic
  • The client was able to determine the effectiveness of its marketing programs as email campaigns and affiliate marketing programs – ads and banners – on third-party websites were tracked for ROI
  • Content creation and publishing processes were made simpler with automated workflows, so functional department personnel could manage and operate the website with reduced technical dependency

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