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Virtual Concierge Solution

Infosys' Virtual Concierge solution enables hotels to deliver a highly personalized guest experience. Using data about your guests' preferences, the solution helps you provide customized information on facilities at your hotels and partner establishments. These services are delivered directly to guests' rooms over the guests' laptop and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones.

Infosys' Virtual Concierge solution 

Infosys' Virtual Concierge solution offers multiple benefits:

  • Superior Guest Experience
    The solution accesses a rich repository of data from multiple sources to provide customized information to guests. This enables hotels to provide guests with a consistently high level of service.
  • Enhanced Staff Efficiency This solution enhances staffing efficiencies across room service, front desk and other guest services. It can be operated remotely and shared across properties. In addition, it saves substantial labor costs.
  • New Revenue Streams The Virtual Concierge solution enables you to maximize revenue per available guest (RevPAG) with targeted advertising and by cross-selling services from partner establishments.
The Infosys Advantage

Infosys' Virtual Concierge solution uses converged networks and is built to function seamlessly with your existing Property Management System (PMS), Point-of-Sales (POS) and Loyalty Program applications.

The solution offers user-friendly functions, which include:

  • Seamless guest-concierge interaction Infosys' Virtual Concierge solution mines data from multiple data sources and applications to offer a personalized guest experience. It shares information such as restaurant menus, local directory listings and maps using Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF). Live video is also transmitted to the guest's laptop.
  • Integration with MapQuest® and other hotel applications Our solution utilizes MapQuest® to offer driving directions, maps (with zoom options) and location-specific data. It can be easily integrated with your existing PMS and POS applications.
  • Multilingual service The solution enables guests to access concierge services in their preferred language (this facility can be offered through a call center). If your POS system has multilingual capabilities, relevant information can be displayed on the television screen in the guest's preferred language.

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