The client is a global mining and construction equipment manufacturing major. Headquartered in Japan, the company operates across Americas, EMEA and APAC.

When Infosys took over the organization’s infrastructure support, we realized that they faced operational and business challenges in their infrastructure ecosystem, which had to be modernized. As a trusted System Integrator, Infosys offered varied services, including application implementation, IT support, and infrastructure support.

Key Challenges

The company was facing several challenges across its IT landscape, including:

  • Gaps in infrastructure support: Poor SLA reporting, lack of structured system monitoring, difficulties in keeping the documentation, application, kernel patches and OS patches up-to-date.
  • Poor user experience: Deficiencies in infrastructure support impacted application quality and availability, thus leading to increased need for support and poor employee experience.
  • Lack of standardization: Different operating models were in use for each of the three large business units.

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The Solution

Infosys Cobalt-powered SAP application and infrastructure transformation on the cloud

The Infosys team understood the client’s requirements when we took over the infrastructure support. We charted out a robust strategy to catalyze the transition to more economical, flexible, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure. Further, we laid the foundation for best-in-class infrastructure operations. Infosys also redesigned the organizational model and established a common operating model across business entities.

Infosys leveraged Cobalt-based infrastructure management and support to take over the platform managed services of the entire SAP stack of applications across four sub-groups of the company. Our team migrated SAP applications to Microsoft Azure and also managed infrastructure support.

Organization-wide digital transformation

  • Moved SAP ERP applications to Azure using Infosys Cobalt tools and accelerators
  • Remediated issues related to availability, performance, stability
  • Elevated user experience for employees and other stakeholders
  • Single vendor and SLA across infrastructure and applications for core ERP


Cloud migratio

Cloud migration

We moved applications to Azure using Infosys Cobalt tools and accelerators. This was achieved by remediating the issues related to availability, performance, stability. We not only elevated user experience but also recorded significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through cloud migration.

Next-gen AMS

Next-gen AMS

Infosys implemented best-in-class infrastructure and application management practices, leveraging our proven runbooks and operating procedures. Further, we introduced preventive maintenance and troubleshooting as part of infrastructure support.

Standardized operating model

Standardized operating model

We standardized the company’s operating model across multiple operating entities.