Cracking the Code on Scope 3 Emissions: Schneider Electric's Zero Carbon Project

Decarbonizing a global supply chain is no easy feat. Scope 3 emissions, those generated throughout the value chain beyond a company's direct operations, pose a significant challenge. But it is a pressing issue that manufacturers must overcome.

Schneider Electric's The Zero Carbon Project tackles this head-on, by engaging their worldwide suppliers in a collaborative decarbonization journey. In this video, Christophe Quiquempoix, VP, Sustainable Procurement, Schneider Electric, discusses the sustainability imperative for manufacturers and takes us through this ambitious, one-of-its-kind program.

Thomas Falz, Corporate Vice President, Industrials, Henkel, offers a valuable supplier's perspective and how Henkel, as a leader in its own decarbonization efforts, is helping co-create a collaborative ecosystem that empowers other suppliers taking their first steps.

Part of the Economist Impact's Value Chain Navigator project in association with Infosys, this film explores how collaboration unlocks supplier success in achieving net-zero.

Watch the video on Economist Impact here.