A global agricultural equipment manufacturer providing after-sales warranty for agricultural equipment sought to modernize its data ecosystem for data analysis and monetization.

Infosys partnered with the company and its dealer network across the US to harvest data for advanced analytics.

Key Challenges

  • Agricultural original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needed to balance product warranty with the cost of components
  • OEM wanted a mechanism for optimal pricing of policy premiums based on condition monitoring

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The Solution

Business users access relevant data for an objective assessment of risks to generate comprehensive warranty policies

Infosys expanded the sources of data to gain visibility into the equipment lifecycle. The existing system tracked data only during the warranty period. Infosys extracted more than 75 million records from equipment data during warranty and extended coverage as well as maintenance / service records of dealers.

Our team leveraged Spring XD and Python for data transfer and batch processing of exported data. We used Informatica ETL products and IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance to optimize the data system.

Several software frameworks ingested and processed the volume of data, including Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Apache Crunch, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Hive, Sqoop, and the Oozie workflow scheduler system. Java DOM Parser, XSLT, and XSD were used to manage and store documents.

The technology stack created a scalable big data system for real-time data capture, ingestion, and analytics. It integrated product, warranty, telematics, customer, and dealer data. Live data from the ecosystem flows into the Hadoop data lake and data mart environment that stores historical records.

Inventory tracking improves replenishment by dealers

  • Solution correlates inventory data with the condition of machinery. The R&D team uses data to glean insights from the frequency of part failures, patterns of component replacement, and wear-and-tear rates. It facilitates analysis to enhance the mechanical design of agricultural equipment.
  • Inventory tracking supports trend analysis and sales forecasting – critical factors for production planning.


Data engine

Infosys’ system processes an average of 400,000+ records every day, including post-warranty repair / maintenance orders and over-the-counter sales of spare parts.

Business advantage

Our big data solution provides real-time visibility across inventory and powers concurrent analytical processes.