A global industrial technology company wanted to consolidate multiple SAP instances into a global instance and capitalize on an infrastructure-as-a-service ecosystem.

Infosys devised an as-a-service model and developed an end-to-end hosting solution on a private cloud.

Key Challenges

  • Proliferation of SAP systems resulted in disparate IT infrastructure and high total cost of operations
  • Lack of consolidation did not allow monitoring of performance and business metrics

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The Solution

Novel system issued tickets to consume computing power and capacity in a pay-as-you-go model

Infosys designed an infrastructure-as-a-service model to address the dynamic business needs of the manufacturing enterprise. Our team aggregated multiple SAP systems into a global SAP instance, leveraged SAP HANA and Apache Hadoop, and hosted the platform on a private cloud.

Infosys created a symbiotic IT ecosystem with complementary technologies from technology partners: EMC Virtustream cloud for HANA appliances, Vblocks for hardware, Cisco for networking, and middleware from multiple partners.

Disaster recovery model ensured instant backup in case of malfunction

  • Scalable infrastructure without upfront capital expenditure
  • Consolidated view of IT performance and business metrics


From multiple instances to global instance

Our solution consolidated several SAP instances into a single global instance and delivered a robust SAP platform

Optimal capacity, maximum saving

Our as-a-service infrastructure model enabled the enterprise to use only the requisite computing power and capacity for its business needs