An industrial manufacturing enterprise of agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery sought a cloud-hosted platform to manage a huge volume of structured as well as unstructured data for better visibility and informed decision making.

Infosys migrated on-premise processes and data on the cloud for real-time access to telematics data, faster rollout of projects, and self-service capabilities to users.

Key Challenges

  • Users faced scalability and maintenance issues for on-premise database
  • Data silos resulted in data duplication and inaccuracy

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The Solution

Cloud platform enables users to distill business insights for faster and more informed decisions

Infosys designed a platform hosted on the cloud with a scalable architecture. Our team migrated on-premise processes and data to the Amazon Web Services cloud for superior performance.

Infosys devised a road map to deploy the solution across multiple phases.

  On-premise Cloud
Storage DB2, Netezza S3, RedShift
Processing Informatica, Netezza EMR, RedShift, RDS
Visualization Tableau, BusinessObjects Tableau

Our team undertook the cloud migration in multiple hops. We migrated data processing from Informatica to EMR and ensured data transformation for real-time data streaming and consumption. We adopted a schema-independent data lift-and-shift approach for migration of datasets to Redshift for holistic reporting using Tableau on the cloud.

A cloud platform spanning data storage, processing, and visualization

  • Our solution offered a consistent user experience across the global enterprise
  • Our cloud platform maximized scalability and availability


From information to insight

Our cloud solution allowed users to distill business insights from machine data in real time

Scalability and availability

Our cloud platform enabled users to access and make sense of a huge volume of data anytime, anywhere