HFS Case Study – An agricultural equipment manufacturer partners with Infosys to ensure farmers have the tools and capabilities they need to feed the world

The impact B2B2C can make on key business metrics is significant especially with respect to flow of information. Digital customer experience program at an American agricultural machinery manufacturer has been a successful case study for Infosys where we have helped the client transform from a B2B to a B2B2C business model.

Leading analyst firm HFS Research has selected and published this case study. It is good reference on how can manufacturers better adopt ideas and innovation not just limited to their industry.

The digital customer experience project was designed to bring all business stakeholders closer together—from distribution partners through to farmers as the end consumers of the firm’s products—all linked in a digital platform. According to executives at the client, the approach has also enabled the company to focus on agile models that enable the firm to react to customer feedback in real time and ensure its products and services meet demands. Infosys proved to be right partner and provided the fresh perspective and best practices along with its robust delivery capabilities.

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