A heavy equipment manufacturer wanted to consolidate data of 2 million products from 30 legacy systems in a master data repository. It needed a single version of the truth to launch a global e-commerce portal.

Infosys implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) system to support business users and dealers with a golden record of product and pricing data. In addition, our team leveraged Informatica to integrate and cleanse historical data, and automated processes to source and maintain new data.

Key Challenges

  • Data of the product portfolio was scattered across disparate systems
  • Existing data was not useful for sales and marketing users

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The Solution

Sourced data from disparate systems and aggregated it in a product information management system

Infosys implemented a PIM system to integrate data of more than 2 million products and components from legacy systems into a master data repository.

Our team developed a robust data modeling and integration architecture for seamless data ingestion. Our data integration framework automated data cleansing and onboarding into the PIM system.

Infosys developed a robust master data repository for an e-commerce portal. Our team automated processes to update, maintain, and publish product data on the portal. We used attribute inheritance taxonomy to minimize the cost of data maintenance. The portal offered a robust search functionality supported by detailed information of product attributes.

Data of 2 million products, single version of the truth

  • Our solution improved time-to-market by 15x
  • Our system delivered about 95% accurate data


Data integrity

Our solution cleansed data to ensure up to 95% of data was accurate and reliable.

Accelerated go-to-market

Our system improved time-to-market of new products and components by 15x.