A global manufacturer of agricultural, manufacturing, and forestry machinery and equipment sought to maximize supply chain visibility.

The company wanted real-time monitoring of products, from the manufacturing plant till distributor network to align demand with supply, prevent counterfeiting, and enable warranty recall.

Infosys designed and implemented a blockchain-powered distributed supply chain application for end-to-end traceability of all OEM and spare parts.

Key Challenges

The company faced several supply chain challenges:

  • Inability to track genuine parts across the supply chain
  • Absence of real-time shipment tracking

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The Solution

Supply chain application leverages blockchain to provide transparency for real-time shipment tracking

Infosys designed a supply chain distributed application to track multiple assets across the global supply chain. It provides stakeholders with a single source of information and documentation in real time. It is powered by a blockchain network to enable real-time shipment tracking and approvals, a tamper-proof chain of custody for each component across the network, and a real-time visualization dashboard.

Our solution unifies the ecosystem with robust track-and-trace capabilities across the value chain. We automated parts tracking using 15 bots to retrieve all tracking numbers from the SAP system and monitor the shipment status based on data received from UPS and LogicFlow.

Application allows easy configurability and customization

  • Easy integration with existing applications and IoT devices
  • Configurable business workflows and persona-based contextualization


Cost savings of $300K/ year in sites migration and $100K/ year for Nintex license.

Shipment tracking

Using robotic process automation, our solution enabled traceability of each component across the supply chain

Training power users and creating artifacts aided a user base of ~70000 in getting enabled to new experiences and processes


Our visualization dashboard provides users with real-time updates