A global automobile manufacturer, operating manufacturing plants in North America, sought a remote vehicle inspection solution at the assembly line.

The automobile enterprise wanted to enhance quality assurance across plant-level operations while reducing line density at the assembly line. Infosys developed a quality control solution enabling remote inspection using a system of IP (Internet protocol) cameras.

Key Challenges

  • The company wanted to improve vehicle quality without increasing production time
  • Ability to perform inspections in areas which are ergonomically difficult or have space constraints

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The Solution

IP-based camera network system for remote vehicle inspection at assembly line

Infosys developed a smart solution incorporating a network of IP digital video cameras at the assembly line. The cameras transmit live video of vehicles during production. The footage is transmitted via an IP network to desktop PCs allows QC inspectors to undertake quality assurance remotely. Significantly, cameras record parts of the vehicle that are difficult to access physically.

Our solution provides a user-specific system to authenticate and authorize team members.

A database access service offers an interface to fetch and save the data in the database. It incorporates business layers to handle simple, medium, and complex business rules using the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) interface based on C#.

Scalable device-agnostic system can be implemented across production plants

  • Inspection-as-a-Service incorporating IP camera client for process control data access and database access to capture images and manage inspection
  • A SQL database stores configuration and inspection data
  • An image archival service stores images for up to 30 days


Remote inspection

Remote inspection

Vehicle inspection solution enables quality control inspectors to view images of vehicle at the assembly line remotely



Images of vehicles displayed simultaneously on a screen boost productivity of QC inspectors, and reduce vehicle inspection time



System can be implemented across a plant’s production lines, as well as other plants