A leading industrial technology company wanted to streamline and transform a manual Trademark Document Status Retrieval (TDSR) process.

Infosys adopted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to minimize human intervention across the process. Our team automated the end-to-end process to manage a backlog of 5 years and handle 40 TSDR requests daily.

Key Challenges

  • Process of confirming validity and status of trademark registrations was manual-intensive, making it error-prone and time-consuming
  • Workforce would require about one year to clear the backlog of TSDR requests

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The Solution

Robotic process automation converted a manual trademark status document retrieval process into a near-zero touch function

Infosys leveraged RPA to automate the TSDR process while standardizing it, using existing trademark artifacts.

Our team designed a bot to capture trademark data from AS/400, ETA, and TIRA applications using API calls. It created a package worksheet with details and updated the worksheet with information to ‘Add’ and ‘Delete’ relevant details. Further, the bot formatted details recognized by the catalog system and synced user updated package details for uploading.

Automation reduces human intervention in confirming trademark status and validity

  • RPA reduced validation of trademark registration status and validity from 88 minutes to 7 minutes
  • Automation managed a backlog of 5 years and eliminated errors and rework


Automation first

Our RPA solution significantly reduced human intervention, ensuring 33% zero touch processing of requests

Less effort, more savings

Our approach ensured a 58% reduction in human effort while resulting in annual savings of US$ 500,000