A global agricultural equipment manufacturer wanted to empower its sales managers by providing them with accurate product and pricing data.

Infosys designed a centralized system to display reliable data while accounting for product as well as pricing variations across regions.

Key Challenges

  • Data of products and components streamed from legacy systems support only specific areas of the sales function
  • Pricing data, varying from region to region, gets entered manually

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The Solution

Pricing managers gain access to reliable product and pricing data

Infosys designed a centralized product order code information system offering data about products and components and their pricing.

Our solution simplified the process of publishing product and pricing data by interfacing with legacy systems. Significantly, pricing files can be exported and uploaded directly without processing data.

The new system offers managers with a single version of the truth since it accounts for product as well as pricing variations across diverse regions.

Single view of product and pricing data

  • Solution processes complex pricing files and converts them into useful product and pricing data
  • System automates pricing of products for the European region


Pricing visibility

Our system publishes prices of products within 20 minutes, compared to 1.5 weeks by the legacy system.

Ease of use

Our solution allows uploading of pricing files directly into the new system, which minimizes the effort to process and migrate files