The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice transforms the customer experience across B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions offer a 360-degree customer view for meaningful interactions across the product lifecycle. Further, we establish a digital thread to connect industrial output, financial products, orders, maintenance / warranty service plans, sales promotions, and customers. It helps an industrial manufacturing enterprise deliver a unified customer experience as well as on-demand services. Significantly, superior customer experience drives servitization.

The Infosys Customer e-Connect solution enables industrial manufacturing enterprises to develop a business case for advanced digitization and prioritize customer engagement strategies. We use an IP framework to assess digital readiness across customer touch points. Subsequently, we craft a migration-cum-change management plan for an original equipment manufacturer serving customers through a network of dealers to become a ‘digital visionary.’ A visionary enterprise cultivates loyal customers by applying AI techniques beyond the purchase cycle – from initial search to sales and delivery, aftermarket, and post-warranty phase.

Our approach opens long-term, low-risk revenue streams, while encouraging repeat purchases as well as facilitating social commerce. Moreover, immersive experiences across sales and service processes enhance the effectiveness of cross-selling and up-selling. Infosys Nia, our AI-powered chatbot, supports lead management and resolves service requests by managing customer queries about products, services and related documentation.

Our focus on quality of customer experience enables original equipment manufacturers with a homogenized product portfolio to deliver personalized service.

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Customer Engagement

Success story: Hilti empowers customers with self-service

Infosys developed a mobile application for construction and maintenance professionals to search Hilti’s product portfolio, make a selection based on technical criteria, and order or save it for later.


Challenges & Solutions

Proprietary frameworks define the customer journey and digital tools deliver personalized service across touch points.

Infosys Consumer Genome offers actionable insights to address contextual requirements, be it a purchase recommendation, self-help information about a product, or a customized warranty plan.

IIoT ecosystem opens new sources of revenue while offering compelling product value to customers via prompt technical support, training, financial services, prompt reconditioning / upgrade / repair, and preventive maintenance.