The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice creates an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem for ‘connected’ business operations. Our IoT services span the sensor-to-insights spectrum, enabling automated monitoring, remote diagnostics, and real-time factory visibility. In addition, our repository of use cases improves efficiency of the supply chain as well as enterprise assets and services. Significantly, our IoT ecosystem rationalizes per capita energy consumption, minimizes EHS incidents, and enables statutory compliance.

Infosys IoT Gateway Framework creates ‘smart’ enterprises by connecting digital devices, legacy systems, and business processes. It provides an interface to automate workflow via seamless interoperability between devices and controllers, including robotic systems and augmented / virtual reality platforms. We develop data lakes and data grids to process and manage voluminous IoT data. Our data governance approach eliminates data duplication while maintaining data integrity and addressing data transfer requirements (streaming and batch).

We define objectives for each layer of the IoT architecture, including data ingress, transfer, storage, and edge devices. Our data egress mechanism ensures seamless connectivity while rationalizing costs. We align data solutions with analytical requirements of the manufacturing enterprise. It helps us identify data storage parameters for gateways as well as plant-specific and enterprise data lakes. We create an encapsulation layer to unify data sources and applications.

Infosys partners with academia, startups, and industrial consortia to boost Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. We have developed several testbeds and use cases (asset efficiency, industrial digital thread, and smart and water energy management) in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Infosys is a founding partner of the consortium that developed the acatech Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index to help industrial manufacturers realize the benefits of IoT. We collaborate with the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, for multidimensional assessment of Industry 4.0 capabilities at industrial manufacturing enterprises.

Our security solutions authenticate in-plant and on-field IoT devices and machinery, and encrypt communications between them to safeguard data integrity and privacy.

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Internet of Things

White paper: Infosys framework accelerates servitization

Our readiness framework empowers manufacturers to identify and adopt digital technologies that maximize value of servitization programs.


Challenges & Solutions

Networking technologies and data tools ensure reliable IoT data services in brownfield as well as greenfield installations.

IoT Gateway Framework manages data from factory-level instruments, sensors and edge devices.

Data convergence points across the connected infrastructure facilitate real-time analytics and exploratory analysis using existing dashboards.