The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice streamlines production planning and control systems to accelerate product delivery, facilitate just-in-time inventory management, and launch ‘zero defect’ products. We connect the ecosystem of an industrial manufacturing enterprise, which helps synchronize sales forecasts with production schedules, materials planning and logistics systems. In turn, it optimizes planning and control by assigning production targets based on the dynamics of manufacturing centers (low-cost location, larger plant capacity, technical capabilities, and availability of materials and skilled personnel), market (proximity to customers and logistics), and regulations (duties and tariffs, trade barriers, and obligation to sell products in the local market).

Our insights-as-a service offering blends machine learning, augmented / mixed reality, and predictive analytics to facilitate real-time modifications to production plans and schedules. Color-coded dashboards display operational data along with predictive and historical values, enabling comparisons and permutations to maximize capacity utilization, rationalize product costs, and better manage inbound as well as outbound inventory. Significantly, our ergonomics-oriented production systems ensure sustainable operations by preventing health and safety issues.

Infosys develops feature-rich, mobile applications for geographically distributed functional and product teams to manage global operations. Anytime, anywhere access to standard operating procedures, production schedules, checklists and status reports, and approval forms enable real-time collaboration.


Challenges & Solutions

Connected ecosystem opens opportunities for resource reallocation and economies of scale.

Agile production management programs blend standardized global processes for basic operations and site-specific systems, ensuring uniform quality while addressing business / statutory requirements of regional markets.

Integrated dashboards for real-time visibility and predictive analytics allow managers to mitigate machine, labor and supply chain risks.