The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice undertakes supply chain transformation to rationalize the supplier base, capitalize on economies of scale, and grow the business footprint. We digitize disparate processes for sustainable supply chain operations by establishing a digital command center. The center integrates applications in the supply chain ecosystem to aggregate data, which is used by analytical tools to predict potential events / failure points. Further, integration facilitates automation of supply chain processes as well as the use of machine learning models to align production capacity, customer orders, sales forecasts, and procurement plans with logistics.

Infosys upgrades master data management as part of supply chain transformation by leveraging rich experience of executing turnkey programs. A ‘single source of truth’ is a prerequisite to address supply chain challenges and fulfillment issues such as incorrect shipment, price disparity, product returns, and rework. We migrate data from legacy supply chain systems to a single ERP system, and build business rules for cleansing data, eliminating duplication, and simplifying maintenance and governance.

Our Industry 4.0 ecosystem for smart supply chain operations blends telematics, blockchain and traceability solutions to track inventory from suppliers to customers. In addition, it helps industrial manufacturing enterprises cultivate global and local suppliers. Our machine learning-based tool for real-time supplier risk management assigns operational risk score to suppliers based on parameters such as past performance, quality, lead time, sustainability practices, and financial records. Our tool collates data from enterprise systems, newsfeeds, social media, and third-party reports. The operational risk score enables procurement managers to negotiate supplier contracts and make informed purchase decisions.

Our integrated solutions rationalize inventory and related costs by synchronizing the supply chain with sales and production plans.

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Supply Chain Transformation

Success story: Hilti empowers customers with self-service

Infosys developed a mobile application for construction and maintenance professionals to search Hilti’s product portfolio, make a selection based on technical criteria, and order or save it for later.


Challenges & Solutions

Integrated information and control systems enable business units to share product, inventory and order data, and realize the benefits of a global supply chain.

Knowledge-based automation and process standardization support category-based inventory strategies.

Advanced logistics solutions and freight analytics identify the most cost-effective combination of transportation modes based on plant-level requirements.