Digital manufacturing in COVID times –Jasmeet Singh, Infosys in conversation with Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted demand, supply and workforce availability across the world. Digital manufacturing holds the key to revival as global supply chains face unprecedented disruption. Jasmeet Singh, Infosys EVP and Global Head, Core Manufacturing Unit, Infosys and Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall IT Services Practice Director, explore the future of manufacturing in these times. They also discuss the strong consulting capabilities of Infosys along with its specialized offerings that leverage the latest technologies. Dominique reflects on what makes Infosys a leader in terms of its ability to deliver immediate benefits as well as meet future requirements.

Key notes

Time Notes
00:30 Introduction to Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director, NelsonHall
02:39 Forward looking views from Dominique along with some established and emerging use cases of digital manufacturing, since COVID-19
03:50 NelsonHall’s survey of Tier 1 organizations and how Infosys emerged as a leader in digital manufacturing
05:15 The four use cases of digital manufacturing – maintenance efficiency, operations efficiency, information efficiency, and energy efficiency
07:27 How Infosys can help manufacturers in the backdrop of falling revenues and profits?
08:24 Benefits and challenges of the outcome-based model for manufacturers
09:20 How COVID is changing priorities for manufacturers?
11:03 Are clients ready to move out of the pilot phase to larger rollouts?
12:50 Common ways manufacturers cut costs and other smarter options to do this
15:03 Infosys offerings that can deliver value in a post-COVID era