Infosys applies its own tools and accelerators to deliver IoT-enabled aftermarket services for manufacturers and OEMs

A research report by 451 Research LLC

With the as-a-service economy becoming mainstream and appetite for large capital investments reducing, there is increasing pressure on OEMs to switch to outcome-based business models. These pressures are driving increased adoption of IoT-enabled service models and Infosys is engaging with manufacturing clients embarking on such servitization projects.

In its research report, 451 Research LLC highlights that as-a-service economy requires the convergence of enterprise IT systems with operational insights derived from connected products. Further, it shines a spotlight on how Infosys has a core competency in working with industrial clients to integrate these systems and in applying IoT data to enable new business models.

To support these projects, Infosys has also built accelerators spanning both IT and IoT such as its AI framework KRTI 4.0, developed in partnership with consulting and engineering company Poyry and Nokia, as well as its collaborative workplace Infosys XR platform and its Infosys Wingspan online learning platform.


  • Infosys has a number of go-to-market themes that address servitization, connected products and smart manufacturing.
  • Infosys has developed a key strength in remotely managing IoT-enabled aftermarket services for manufacturers and OEMs, pulling together cloud platforms, service management platforms and digital twins.
  • Working with its rich partnership ecosystem, Infosys leverages its playbook for manufacturing clients that addresses their servitization initiatives, bringing together its Service Lifecycle Management services and IoT capabilities, tools and accelerators to support clients’ end-to-end IoT-driven field service needs.

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