Infosys Brings Managed Services to Digital Manufacturing: Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall

The pandemic has put digital manufacturing firmly at the top of the agenda and enterprises are now looking at optimizing their plant operations through remote work and increased automation. Cybersecurity concerns have also accelerated their focus on digital manufacturing. Manufacturing plants have heterogenous OT and IT systems; they rely on diverse equipment and ICT with different communication protocols and limited security capability. This OT/IT diversity in the shop floor makes monitoring and security difficult.

In this blogpost, Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director at NelsonHall, highlights how Infosys advocates a comprehensive managed service approach to plant OT/IT and has developed comprehensive managed service offerings which include cybersecurity solutions. Further, Dominique shines a spotlight on how Infosys is looking to bring to the OT world the structured approach common to service desk organizations. The OTSM offering of Infosys are articulated around:

  • Asset discovery: Identifying assets on the shop floor, from hardware to firmware version, including obsolete assets whose replacement needs to be budgeted for, or out of support software products. Infosys maps plant asset dependency, and impact on other equipment, to build contingency plans. It conducts this phase primarily remotely, with personnel manually going through control systems’ lines of code and also looking at study drawings. Automation is next, with Infosys working on an automated asset discovery, initially looking at IT and OT connected to networks.
  • Support governance and industrialization: Infosys deploys the structured service desk approach to IT/OT to increase support coverage, bringing comprehensive visibility to support experts through dashboards, assigning tickets automatically, and building up a knowledge base to recommend resolutions.

Read the blog post on NelsonHall here.