Digital Health: Platform Centric Approach to Patient Care

Subhro Malik, Senior Vice President & Head Life Sciences, Infosys; Pratik Agrawal, Director, Data Sciences & Informatics Innovation, Medtronic and Saurabh Gupta, President, Research & Business Operations, HFS Research came together to discuss perspective on Digital Health: Platform Centric approach to patient care. The event started with Saurabh setting up the context with an overview of connected health emphasizing on Triple Aim (Care, Health and Cost) at the core of digital health. Pratik took it further to highlight patient centric approach to transform diabetes care and how AI and digital health platforms are serving patients, caregivers, physicians and payers across channels. Extending the discussion, Subhro introduced Infosys Digital Platform to the audience. He showcased the key features of the platform: its plug and play architecture, cloud native and vendor agnostic, right size compliance, pre-integrated and validated platform, etc. and concluded by explaining how Infosys Digital Health Platform can transform patient care across several therapeutic areas.

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