The Infosys Mining practice offers solutions to maximize utilization of assets for open cut / underground mining, earth moving and metal processing. Our asset management solutions capture asset information, hierarchy and engineering data to provide as-designed, as-built, and as-maintained views of assets.

Our team of experts uses a 5D data warehouse to store asset data as well as documents in product-agnostic formats. It enables smooth transfer of information from the engineering and construction phase to the operations phase. Moreover, it eliminates data duplication, mitigates risks, and ensures consistent data usage across engineering, maintenance, production, and corporate functions.

We develop user-friendly equipment downtime management applications for web and mobile platforms. It helps your managers understand the cause, duration and frequency of events, and analyze downtime based on diverse criteria, including reason of failure, time period, equipment, operator, and process. We integrate the equipment downtime system with work order management and asset maintenance systems to automate actions such as prioritization of equipment maintenance and ordering of spare parts / components. In addition, we use downtime data to develop predictive maintenance models.

Our digital solutions synchronize asset data from disparate sources to drive maintenance programs and manage asset inventory. We use simulation techniques to augment preventive maintenance strategies for extending the life of equipment. Our experts diagnose the root cause(s) of recurring issues and assess impact on safety and / or production. We combine operations data and inspection reports with predictive analytics to improve the performance and safety of assets. Our asset management solutions comply with ISO 15926 data standards. The reference library, data templates and standardized workflows help benchmark asset performance and enhance the asset lifecycle.

Infosys Asset Efficiency Testbed, developed in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), boosts productivity, rationalizes capital and operational expenditure, and improves energy efficiency.


Challenges & Solutions

Comprehensive reporting minimizes unplanned downtime, under-utilization, mishandling, and over maintenance of assets.

Real-time equipment tracking supports accurate resource planning, maintenance budgeting, and inter-site / company accounting.

Mapping of each asset with the mining site and supplier enables better management of maintenance contracts, warranty claims, safety inspections, and regulatory compliance.

Team of experts integrates asset management solutions with engineering systems (COMOS, Aveva and Bentley), SCADA / MES systems (Honeywell, Rockwell Automation, ABB, and Schneider), corporate systems (SAP, Oracle and IBM Maximo), and asset performance management systems (Bentley AssetWise and GE Meridium).