The Infosys Mining practice offers solutions to boost process efficiency and safety through centralized control systems. Our onsite visualization tools support thermal and chemical processes as well as mineral and metal ore beneficiation technologies. We create a robust operational intelligence infrastructure via Information Technology (IT)-Operational Technology (OT) convergence and patching of critical Open Platform Communication (OPC) servers and interfaces.

Our experts define the data historian strategy and integrate it with enterprise systems to facilitate collection, validation and aggregation of data from heterogeneous sources. Data historians increase asset uptime by tracking maintenance data, manuals, equipment diagnostics, and repair history. Our approach facilitates process optimization as well as detection of anomalies. Significantly, it enables in-depth analysis of time series data to identify patterns, correlate events and predict trends. Our fault tolerant architecture minimizes points of failure, while ensuring high system availability.

We assess the security of existing control systems and recommend improvements, product migration, and / or enhancements to achieve business goals. Our data services span data to data, process to data, and data to application mapping. We leverage sophisticated tools to configure the hardware architecture, define control logic, and design Human-Machine Interface (HMI) screens.

Development and deployment

  • Field controllers and asset gateways
  • Alarm, event and notification management systems
  • Control system platforms for SCADA, DCS and HMI
  • Embedded software for PLC, RTU and controllers


  • Web-based process monitoring screens
  • Data historians – plant and enterprise level
  • Bi-directional interfaces between plant and ERP systems
  • Customized communication protocols


  • Operational intelligence platforms
  • Equipment management and maintenance systems
  • MES, LIMS and plant applications

Challenges & Solutions

Real-time collaboration between mining sites, processing plants and remote operations control centers enables informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Automation and open standards-based data platforms facilitate root cause analysis, investigation of mining incidents, and regulatory compliance.