The Infosys Mining practice integrates Operational Technology (OT) products to monitor / control processes with Information Technology (IT) systems that manage data transmitted by sensors, process instruments and control software.

Progressive mining enterprises require demand-driven production optimization and predictive capabilities, which depends on the convergence of IT and OT as well as data management. Infosys implements a holistic data strategy for OT apps (geological modeling, reserve estimation, mine planning, drilling and blasting, stockpile management, and blending) and ERP solutions (business planning, materials management, logistics, HR, fleet management, and finance and costing).

The Infosys five-level IT-OT Maturity Model creates agile mining enterprises with superior decision-making and risk management capabilities by enhancing visibility and collaboration across processes and systems. We leverage rich project experience from IT-OT convergence in the manufacturing industry to help mining enterprises realize the benefits of a holistic view of enterprise data, including improved safety, sustainability and productivity.

Unified IT-OT protocols facilitate real-time monitoring of process and environmental parameters. Operational visibility drives data-driven decisions to increase production throughput, minimize equipment downtime and mitigate risks. Significantly, the integration of IT and control networks rationalizes cost of operations as well as enterprise security.

We implement an enterprise data historian strategy, which provides shared data and communications infrastructure for IT and OT systems. In addition, we develop a common network and transport layer for seamless convergence of OT and IT networks. Process-level alignment of OT products, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), with the IT infrastructure and applications facilitates the adoption of standards such as ISA-95. An integrated data model boosts quality, while establishing shared goals and responsibilities across functional groups. Moreover, it supports cloud computing, virtualization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our data systems integrate mine engineering, operational and information technologies, while supporting big data analytics and artificial intelligence-driven automation.

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White Paper: Knowledge management enables sustainable mining

Our experts propose a reference architecture for enterprise content management to facilitate process improvement as well as automation.


Challenges & Solutions

Technology-driven convergence of IT-OT systems facilitates event monitoring and process control while also addressing reporting requirements.

Integrated governance model and enterprise architecture support diverse communication stacks and security protocols.

IT-OT alignment approach incorporates change management techniques for smooth transformation of technology tools as well as business operations.