The Infosys Mining practice offers drill and blast management solutions to boost operational efficiency while safeguarding personnel, machinery and the environment. Real-time visibility into key performance indicators across drilling and blasting processes as well as field logs enables downstream analysis to minimize sound, vibration, toxic emissions, and ambient air pollution.

We integrate the drilling and blasting management solution with the geological database and inventory management system. It supports innovative drilling patterns, automates ordering of consumables, and rationalizes inventory in surface and underground mines. Real-time surveillance of the blast area and an open channel of communication mitigate occupational hazards and ensure prompt response in the event of an emergency.

Our experts analyze simulated outcomes, data logged by drilling machines as well as images transmitted by drones. It facilitates pre-blast clearance surveys and post-blast assessment to improve blast design and drilling accuracy for better rock fragmentation. Review and analysis of data enable superior operations planning while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Our data governance approach – from design to post-execution – helps analysts undertake root cause analysis and manage issues.

Our simulation techniques enhance drilling and blasting as well as mining activities including loading, hauling and crushing.

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White Paper: Knowledge management enables sustainable mining

Our experts propose a reference architecture for enterprise content management to facilitate process improvement as well as automation


Challenges & Solutions

Real-time monitoring of blast operations and predictive maintenance of drilling equipment ensure safe operations and minimize machinery downtime.

Integration of drilling and blasting software with enterprise systems enable data analysis and process optimization.

Audit trail of the blast design and execution helps identify root causes of issues, including misfires and fly-rock.