The Infosys Mining practice implements fleet and fuel management solutions to manage scheduling, routing and dispatching in real time based on operational dynamics and the fleet status or condition. Our open platform-based solutions ensure seamless flow of blasted ore and waste material across the mining site. In addition, it enables appropriate allocation of shovels, loaders, drilling machines, excavators, dozers, haul trucks, and auxiliary field equipment during fill and dump operations.

Our reporting dashboards for Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) vehicles help mine and quarry supervisors, maintenance engineers and fleet managers assess fleet condition, monitor vehicle location as well as movement, and access real-time operational data. Geo-referenced data enables onsite / remote analysis of fuel consumption, asset utilization, cycle time, payload, and occupational hazards. Integration with Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems and communication devices facilitates timely and informed decisions across the fleet.

We configure fuel and lubricant management modules to manage inventory at fuel dispensing stations and monitor consumption based on location, equipment and type of engine. Accurate forecasting and advanced analysis of fuel consumption for every vehicle helps assess driver performance and mitigate fraudulent activities. Our integrated performance management systems cultivate responsible driving behavior, resolve issues in real time, and monitor operational parameters to prevent emergency situations.


Challenges & Solutions

Predictive analytical tools correlate fuel consumption, asset health, driver performance, load, and environmental conditions to boost fleet and fuel management.

Digital solutions optimize fuel usage and prevent waste by accurately allocating fuel for equipment and LHD vehicles.

Tools for real-time monitoring of drivers, assignments, equipment, payloads, and risk factors ensure safe operations.

Fleet route optimization tools evaluate workplaces, stockpiles and haulage passages to recommend the shortest distance and / or most cost-effective route for transporting mineral ore.