The Infosys Mining practice offers industrial safety solutions to safeguard personnel and assets from occupational hazards. We combine automation tools and tracking systems to monitor safety parameters such as smoke, noise, vibration, temperature, and humidity. An alert mechanism notifies stakeholders in the event of a breach in threshold levels. It helps isolate the risk, protect personnel, and insulate downstream processes / assets.

Our bespoke solutions integrate with operational processes to keep mining sites safe, which in turn mitigates risks and boosts productivity. Our data-driven predictive maintenance algorithms decipher inspection reports as well as patterns in asset pressure, temperature, vibration, and other measurements for fault diagnosis, repair and recalibration.

We define a robust network architecture to support diverse communication technologies, including Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and wireless sensors. It ensures streaming of real-time data from IoT protective gear and connected devices, fleet telemetry and GPS tracking systems. Accurate data is useful for pre-blast clearance surveys and emergency response capabilities such as ventilation on demand, which also reduces the cost of insurance cover.

Infosys develops mobile applications to monitor personnel in a high risk environment. 3D geospatial contextualization and visualization enable the supervisor / operations control center to easily locate personnel and assets and report events promptly. Color-coded map markers are used to display severity of the safety breach / level of hazard. It facilitates prompt action, including pushing alert messages, broadcasting evacuation procedures, mobilizing medical assistance, or cordoning off the area to avoid loss of life and assets.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Internet of Things solution platform accelerates development of applications to detect presence, fatigue and fall, and monitor key parameters, activity level and exposure to toxic emissions.

Simulation models address process requirements, including site-specific aspects, to ensure a safe work environment.

Ergonomics assessment and consulting services to define procedures, recommend personal safety devices, and implement global standards for industrial safety.