The Infosys Mining practice offers laboratory informatics solutions to address requirements of each phase – feasibility assessment, exploration, drilling, and production. Our Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions cover testing regimes and quality control parameters for mining rare earths, industrial metals and minerals. We integrate LIMS data with 3D ore body modeling as well as core mining systems, which helps assess the embedded value of reserves accurately, grade the quality of processed ore, and maintain product quality.

Our laboratory informatics solutions support process monitoring systems, portable sampling tools and analyzers, and scientific instruments for elemental analysis of rock surfaces, drilled core and processed ore. Visibility into the elemental composition and geochemical properties of samples in geo-referenced formats enables timely evaluation of deviations and informed decision-making during exploration and processing stages.

Our team of mining experts blends laboratory and business systems, including MES and ERP solutions, using ISA-95 standards. It facilitates quality control, throughput optimization, and compliance with environmental and safety standards. Data traceability enables accurate metallurgical accounting and provides reliable audit trails. Our lab automation tools accelerate analysis, while cross-reference tables ensure better interpretation of lab reports. Our data approach enhances the flexibility of Chromatography Data Systems (CDS). We use in-house tools to streamline migration of laboratory data to electronic notebooks and advanced systems.

Our LIMS solutions address operational and quality requirements as well as regulatory guidelines for environment, health and safety.

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White Paper: Knowledge management enables sustainable mining

Our experts propose a reference architecture for enterprise content management to facilitate process improvement as well as automation.


Challenges & Solutions

Laboratory Information Management Systems Center of Excellence (CoE) curates cross-industry best practices and creates reusable knowledge assets to streamline LIMS integration with external laboratories and portable sampling systems.

Rich experience in electronic laboratory notebooks and digital systems to reduce turnaround times for sample preparation, logging, analysis, and publishing of results.

Team of experts evaluates COTS packages for paperless labs, defines lab informatics strategy, customizes the architecture, and provides maintenance and support services for lab informatics applications.