Market assessment and attractiveness mapping to identify potential targets based on agreed criteria including ESG parameters to create a long list of targets. Independent analysis of Long-listed targets across multiple dimensions to bring out a shortlist.

Macro-economic analysis including country studies

Industry value chain analysis

Generate / validate investment ideas

Identify potential targets based on screening criteria

Detailed target analysis and peer benchmarking

Financial analysis

Investment thesis and Go-No-Go analysis

Investment funnel analysis

Dedicated pool of domain experts for improved deal assessment


Every PE firm aims to generate top-quartile returns, that depends on multiple factors and ability to source the right deals is the core. Deal origination is a time-consuming exercise and requires complex knowledge of various domains, including an understanding of the macro-economic environment, knowledge of niche industry sectors, ability to define the right screening criteria and expertise to spot the right opportunity to acquire. On average, PE firms review over 50 companies to shortlist five-six targets and eventually invest in one company, making the research process very time intensive.

After initial screening, the shortlisted targets undergo scrutiny across multiple dimensions including financial, operational and strategic due diligence and assessment of governance and management teams. At Infosys, we realize that senior investment professionals are constrained for bandwidth and they would benefit from having an extended team for deal origination research.


Challenges & Solutions

Dedicated pool of analysts for in-depth research and insights across niche sectors and markets

Workflow tool to streamline research across the firm and better knowledge management via global sector-focused COE