Identify potential trade buyers and financial sponsors for portfolio companies. Market scan for transactions, multiples and returns analysis under different scenarios.

Prepare pitch book for divestment and case study post exit.

Identifying potential buyers

Strategic fit analysis

M&A trends analysis

Transaction analysis – comparables and valuations

Pitch book support

Case studies and M&A league tables

Tracking divestment pipeline and cashflows

Exit scenario analysis

Complete ownership of clients’ proprietary M&A and PE deals database

  • Identifying levers and strategy to improve portfolio company attractiveness to potential buyers
  • Bespoke returns analysis for leadership

Infosys helps PE firms in the entire investment lifecycle from deal origination to exit. In preparation for exit, deal executives are expected to scan the market to identify the potential buyers for the portfolio companies. We have experience in identifying both trade buyers as well as financial sponsors for portfolio companies, performing strategic fit analysis and supporting the preparation of the pitch book. Also, we scan the market for comparable transactions to arrive at the deal multiples and analyze returns under different scenarios.


Challenges & Solutions

Help identify potential trade buyers / financial sponsors for portfolio companies through market intelligence and analysis

Our analysts create and maintain deals database for PE clients, analyze potential returns under different scenarios

Collaboratively define the value creation framework, to consistently deliver market leading returns