A large utility company engaged in the distribution and supply of electricity in the US.

Key Challenges

The enterprise wanted to enhance customer satisfaction. However, the lack of a unified system to collect customer data impaired visibility into customer service. The realignment of customer-oriented processes and cross-functional integration were pre-requisites to measure and improve customer satisfaction.

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Improved the customer satisfaction score

Infosys developed a CRM framework that mapped customer service processes with performance metrics, and segmented customers based on attributes and operational parameters. We implemented a cost allocation methodology to determine the cost of service for each customer segment.

We also developed a business intelligence tool to integrate data from various systems for monitoring, measuring and analyzing the performance of service enhancement initiatives. The tool helped the enterprise identify and prioritize strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

The CRM framework facilitated decision-making through visibility into customer data, processes information and cost of transaction / service. The nuanced understanding of customer requirements helped the power distribution company develop strategic initiatives to improve service. The framework rationalized cost to serve customers, and improved the customer satisfaction score by 4%.