One of the oldest gas distribution companies in USA. It operates six local distribution companies to provide gas to more than 2.3 million residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

Key Challenges

The enterprise sought to enhance the customer experience by providing multiple channels of communication as well as tools for self-analysis of consumption. The gas distribution company also wanted to minimize customer contact via call centers and rationalize the cost of customer service.

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Real-time access to the Customer Information System

Infosys conducted workshops with stakeholders to generate and prioritize potential solutions based on complexity and value. We developed a two-phased solution road map to realize project goals.

We designed an application to provide near real-time access to the Customer Information System (CIS). In the first phase, we implemented basic functionalities to establish a web presence, and allow customers to sign-up, make payments through the website, and view account details.

In the subsequent enhancement phase, Infosys enabled rich functionalities and features such as bill dashboard, bill comparison, and paperless billing.

We adopted Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable reusability, provide flexibility for further enrichment of the portal, and support other service channels such as IVR.

The Infosys web portal solution reduced direct calls to customer contact centers. Paperless billing reduced costs and supported sustainability initiatives, while addressing regulatory requirements.

More than 22% of customers registered online to leverage services via the user-friendly portal. Simple and intuitive navigation facilitated customer self-service for payments and analysis.