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Energy Net Metering System & Services of Utilities

Your power utility needs two-way communication between metering devices and the grid to comply with regulations. Your net metering system should allow retail customers to get a return on their renewable energy investment.

The Infosys Utilities practice provides net metering consulting services and solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of power utility enterprises. We help you incorporate data from bidirectional as well as Time-Of-Use (TOU) meters with solar photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. Accurate statements of the electricity consumed and exported to the power grid facilitate prompt billing.

Our consultants help you make informed decisions on Customer Information System (CIS) modernization / replacement for managing net metering customers by sharing the road map for implementation. We develop dashboards to manage distributed energy sources and electricity load in the network.

Infosys - Utilities Net Metering Solutions

Infosys advantage

  • Rich experience in maintaining micro-grids with multiple energy sources
  • Laboratories gather and process real-time field data from micro-grids
  • Team of experts recommend onsite power generation systems for retail customers based on consumption data

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