Infosys implements digital solutions to enhance the business performance of power, gas and water utilities. Our digital solutions address the complexity of operations as well as the rich functionality of mobile communication devices and utilities network equipment. Our online portals facilitate remote collaboration, while supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs.

Our mobile-friendly resource management solutions improve planning and scheduling, optimize resource / task allocation, and enable real-time monitoring. Our solutions provide visibility into environment, health and safety parameters to report incidents and take preventive action.

We integrate digital solutions with legacy ERP applications, geospatial information sources, enterprise data systems, SCADA, fleet telematics, and inventory databases. It accelerates maintenance and service restoration, and ensures compliance with industrial safety and environmental regulations.

We address competency development of your workforce with digital learning systems and knowledge sharing tools. We track the effectiveness of training programs, and accelerate user adoption of knowledge repositories with intuitive search tools for digital assets, records and documents.

The cloud-based Infosys SustainEdge platform streamlines monitoring and accounting of sustainability programs.

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Infosys utilities digital solutions footprint


Challenges & Solutions

A team of document management professionals designs and manages content ecosystems.

Rich experience in GIS platforms such as Oracle Spatial and Graph, Microsoft Bing Maps, Intergraph, and Google Maps.

Responsive design, identity management systems and advanced access control ensure integrity of digital solutions.

Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS) incubates cross-functional frameworks for implementing digital enterprise solutions and services.