The Infosys Utilities practice enables streamlined and scalable deployment and onboarding of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Our suite of solutions, developed in partnership with Nexant, a smart grid software and clean energy solutions provider, enables power utilities and grid operators to grow revenue, deepen customer engagement, and enable decarbonization by accelerating the adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).

Our domain specialists assess the impact of variable loads (due to EV onboarding) on the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) infrastructure and grid capacity. It enables utilities to address the challenges in managing peak demand and develop viable tariff plans. Our services and solutions for transportation electrification span the value chain – consulting, site assessment, planning, design reviews, installation, inspection, and training.

The Infosys-Nexant EVSE Onboarding solution streamlines administration of Transportation Electrification (TE) projects by facilitating seamless collaboration between departments in a utility, including program management, construction, grid planning, and grid operations. Our metadata-based document management approach enables utilities as well as stakeholders to recoup investments by expediting regulatory filings, approvals and rebate processing. We streamline the collection, tracking and management of customer applications, utility permits, architecture and engineering permits, and conveyance and easement timelines.

Infosys creates predefined processes and validation rules based on the consumer sector, type of ownership, grid impact, and other parameters. Our team accelerates construction and deployment of EVSE, while leveraging existing processes and systems. We offer portal solutions for enrollment of EVSE owners. Our integrated platforms support customer communication, billing, EVSE operations, and rebate validation. Our expertise in e-Mobility spans functional integration, wireless and IoT technology, safety, and regulations for electrical and electronic systems.


Our turnkey EVSE solutions enable seamless implementation, maximize return on capital investment, and reduce O&M costs.

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Challenges & Solutions

Artificial intelligence-driven models predict patterns in EV adoption, enabling utilities to identify grid requirements and create a blueprint for investment.

Cost analysis and automated workflows allow teams across the utility enterprise to review, approve and prioritize sites to maximize the return on investment.

Predictive insights into demand and shifts in load patterns help in assessing and mitigating upstream grid impact of EVSE.

Cloud-hosted solution offers a transparent and seamless onboarding experience while reducing costs.