SSE Energy Services: Digital Transformation to Deliver Next-Gen Services at Pace

Award-winning transformational CIO Philip Clayson from SSE Energy Services, shares his experience of leveraging Infosys for their fast-paced digital transformation journey.

SSE Energy Services (now acquired by OVO) embarked on a digital transformation journey to deliver next-gen services. In this article, Philip Clayson, Chief Information Officer, SSE Energy Services, points out that with digitalization, they have successfully increased their self-service capabilities for apps and their websites.

Now, the company has embarked on a digital data journey combining the insights of multiple departments and teams to discover the best method of leveraging enterprise data and unlocking its value.

"As I look at the partnership today, it is about being closer and more strategic to SSE Energy Services by jointly exploring where we can make a big difference.", says Chirag Khergamkar, Client Partner to SSE Energy Services at Infosys.

In the words of Phil Clayson, “I like pace: people understand it. Delivering at pace is what it’s all about”. Here is how Infosys partnered with SSE Energy Services to help the CIO implement his vision for the company.

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