Accelerate Innovation. Drive Growth

Infosys helps utilities ‘Be Future Ready’ by leveraging emerging technology to convert challenges into opportunities. Infosys helps utilities accelerate innovation and use it as a market enabler for faster growth. By unbundling traditional value chains to reassemble new business models we help utilities drive efficiencies and generate new revenue streams. The proliferation of technologies like AI, ML, Robotics, IoT, Cloud, augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain have opened up a plethora of opportunities for utilities. Infosys is at the forefront of helping utilities adopt these emerging technologies and be future-ready.

Technologies for innovative solutions

  • Advanced robotics and drones to transform the power gird

    Applying technology to existing power lines without shutting down the grid is a challenge. The current method of addressing the problem of aging overhead conductors which have accumulate decades of silica and carbon deposits, bird droppings, and moss is to have linemen crawl along the narrow transmission wires and clean and coat the conductors.

    Infosys has developed the world’s first intelligent robot for cleaning and coating high-voltage transmission conductors. Post deployment, this robotic solution increased transmission capacity, prevented cable replacement and resulted in a projected saving of $2 billion. They were also projected to save up to $6 billion in transmission losses without risking the life of a linemen.

  • Artificial Intelligence and predictive modelling to build self-healing capabilities

    Infosys Nia brings machine learning together with deep knowledge to unearth critical insights and industrialize core processes. Infosys’ AI platform provides workflow based insights to monitor and optimize critical assets through predictive intelligence for proactive maintenance.

    KRTI 4.0™, a framework for operational excellence offers a framework which applies AI, cognitive/ machine learning, and machine-to-machine capabilities to address complex and expensive lifecycle management challenges. KRTI 4.0™ uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to empower decision-makers with real-time knowledge on the best and most effective operating and maintenance options for their OT systems. The framework also leverages tools such as real-time dashboards, RAMS modelling capabilities, augmented reality, chatbots, and more.

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality solutions have the potential to lower costs, improve safety and broaden the services provided

    With the industry experiencing a skill scarcity and an aging workforce, AR can aid field workers by connecting them with remote experts who can provide real-time guidance. Additionally, information obtained from AR solutions can be stored as a guideline for future work.

    Infosys AR-VR capabilities can help users visualize and manipulate large amounts of data, identify business anomalies, build field force enablement support, provide conceptual and contextual learning through immersive experiences, and identify opportunities for improved interactivity.

  • Blockchain can increase transparency

    While utilities are exploring the potential of blockchain to create internal and industry-wide efficiencies,

    Infosys has a proprietary blockchain platform that enables peer2peer transactions. The platform has been used to create a proof-of-concept on a Transactive Market where prosumers (producers + consumers) can sell/buy electricity using blockchain and smart meter infrastructure

  • Greater responsiveness with IoT

    Infosys’ proven Industry 4.0 maturity framework and IoT platform helps utilities manage Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). For a leading utilities firm, Infosys delivered a solution for meter data collection, remote diagnostics, and configuration at wind farms.