Network Modernization in Energy and Utilities

Contrary to popular belief, the energy transition goes well beyond the shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources. It’s the transformation of every interaction between an energy utility and its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. In addition to the shifting demand patterns, different energy provisioning models, and the prioritization of sustainability, the pandemic has increased the pressure on utilities to accelerate their digital transformation. During the next decade, everything from production to distribution and even consumption of energy will be completely reimagined. And network modernization is where energy’s next begins.

We recently hosted a virtual roundtable that brought together an astute panel to discuss “Network Modernisation in the Energy and Utilities industry”. Kim Dengs, Head of Network Services at e.on, Umashankar Lakshmipathy, SVP and Regional Head EMEA, Cloud & Infrastructure Services Infosys, Peter Terry-Brown, Director, Unified Communications & Connectivity, Vodafone Business and Hugh Ujhazy, Vice President, Telecommunications & IoT, IDC, participated in the discussion moderated by Kush Sharma.

Watch this video for insights into their experiences and learnings.

Some of the aspects covered during the session were:

  • Key trends driving a shift in the Enterprise network in Energy companies and other Utilities
  • COVID-19 and its impact on the transition
  • Telecom networks transformation and the new paradigms it powers
  • The future of managed network services and transformation
  • First-hand insight into E.ON’s infrastructure roadmap and digital strategy
  • How Infosys helps accelerate digital transformation for utilities