Microsoft alliance

Infosys is among a select group of Microsoft's globally managed partners. This strategic partnership has been fostered over a decade of working together and is reflected through relationships established at various levels within both organizations. With significant investments from both organizations, the partnership is driven by its focus on creating industry-leading solutions and offerings that help in driving increased value for our mutual clients.

The alliance leverages our strong 360-degree relationship, wherein we are:

  • A client of Microsoft: One of the earliest and largest adopters of Microsoft technology
  • An IT services provider: Delivering business and IT consulting along with product and application services for many of Microsoft’s strategic initiatives
  • An alliance partner: In building solutions and expertise using Microsoft technologies and delivering them to our clients

Our offerings

Infosys provides an extensive portfolio of offerings that enable clients to best leverage Microsoft’s technology and products. The offerings can be broadly categorized as follows:

Smart Offerings 
  1. Smart infrastructure: An offering leveraging Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud offering (infrastructure as a service and platform as a service), as a primary platform for delivering IT solutions; thus enabling businesses to reach a wider audience, process vast amounts of data, and provide the best user experience in a cost-effective manner
  2. Smart business applications: Microsoft Dynamics-powered offerings around customer relationship management (CRM) and Axapta (AX) enabling streamlining of business processes and simplifying business applications, which lead to improved efficiencies and decreased costs with software-driven solutions delivered efficiently from cloud
  3. Smart workplace: Delivering increased productivity at the workplace through Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, alongside providing an integrated and collaborative work environment round the clock, on any device, in a contextual manner
  4. Smart decisions: Leveraging business intelligence and analytics more widely across the organization, through SQL 2016, Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Azure IoT. Through this, businesses can take better decisions by leveraging data gathered from various channels like social media, e-commerce transactions, events in business processes, data from IoT-enabled equipment, etc.

Client value proposition

The key focus of this alliance is our client base. Through the alliance, our clients are able to leverage multiple benefits –– right from enablement to execution. The salient benefits from the alliance are:

  • A portfolio of industry-leading solutions and offerings –– built with support from Microsoft products and architects –– that offers enhanced, ready-to-use, features, and capabilities to enable faster time-to-market
  • Valuable knowledge derived from diverse use cases that illustrate how clients can realize benefits from emerging Microsoft technologies, such as HoloLens and Cortana Intelligence Suite. Our experience center showcases and brings together an evolving portfolio of innovations that can trigger the imagination of what technology can do
  • A large talent pool of experts in various Microsoft technology areas, backed by internal as well as Microsoft-delivered trainings and certifications. Infosys currently has one of the largest number of Microsoft-certified professionals, globally
  • Technology adoption guidance that is consistent with Microsoft’s technology roadmap, so that clients can leverage the right set of technology capabilities, and plan appropriately in conjunction with the evolution roadmap

Microsoft speak

"Enterprises today are on a journey of digitization – reinventing business processes and adapting to new business models to build a competitive advantage. We are working closely with Infosys in North America and other markets around the globe to help our customers in their digital transformation journey. We are excited about the accelerated Infosys investment in building a global pool of resources together with a range of industry applications. Our efforts will allow both companies to meet the explosive demand of a new generation of solutions powered by Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics."
– Judson Althoff, President, Microsoft North America, on the Infosys expanded partnership.

"The need for financial institutions to become digital businesses is more acute than ever. After multiple years of disruption, very few still need to be convinced of the inevitability of digitization, and the need to re-invent business processes and new business models. The cloud in financial services is game changing in providing the industry with unprecedented opportunities to operate at lower costs with greater agility. Microsoft is therefore delighted to announce an extension to its partnership with Infosys. With the Finacle suite of solutions on Azure, we will support financial institutions in opening doors to a new era of agility and innovation in a security-enhanced environment, while impactfully shrinking their IT infrastructure costs."
– Karen Cone, General Manager, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft Corp., on Finacle on Cloud.

"Cortana Analytics is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that enables customers to transform data into intelligent action. The technology we have today at Microsoft, and the deep collaboration with Infosys, will enable novel healthcare solutions that make smarter decisions, improve customer service, and uncover new possibilities to transform patient care faster than ever before."
– Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of the Data Group, Microsoft, on Healthcare Analytics Solutions.

Contact: Microsoft_Ally@infosys.com