Can organizations digitally empower their chief financial officers to offer faster, data-driven insights and help shape business direction?

As a new breed of chief financial officers make their way into the board rooms, the primary ask is for relevant, data-driven insights. One such enterprise, a large multinational conglomerate, approached us with this unconventional challenge. They wanted us to help them develop a system that would increase the productivity of their CFOs.

Our team planned a series of workshops to find out what the CFOs would need to achieve this goal. In just three weeks, we had developed a useable prototype of a digital tool that gave these CFOs a clear, customized view of their respective units and functions. This prototype formed the basis for further development and implementation of a dashboard that would help the CFOs visualize cash flow trends and keep track of their company’s financial information, making it the ultimate tool for the CFOs of the future!


The result?


weeks to develop a clickable prototype

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