How does an enterprise understand user requirements accurately, and build apps that are relevant and ready on time?

We live in a world where multiple apps are launched by the minute but only a few seem to stick around long enough to catch a user's attention. A case in point is an industrial equipment manufacturer who invested heavily in numerous apps for its customers and partners but faced adoption issues because these apps were developed in silos. That is when Infosys stepped in.

With Design Thinking workshops, Infosys collaborated with users and took into consideration their inputs. Once these suggestions turned into concepts, we quickly developed them into prototypes. Given the agile principles that Infosys follows, the Minimum Viable Products developed were improved based on users' feedback. Using the App Factory model, our client not only improved their time to market, but also developed high-user-rated apps!


The result?


weeks development time as compared to 6-7 months earlier


users across 7 apps

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