The Race To Transform Digitally

The digital disruption is pushing organizations to rapidly acquire and deploy digital capabilities, in order to stay relevant. To gauge the pace of this digital transformation, Infosys Knowledge Institute conducted a series of surveys with senior management executives of global companies with over $1Bn in revenue.

Digital natives are growing fast and getting to billion-dollar valuations in record time...

Transformation Propelled By Digital Maturity:

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Incumbent organizations (as opposed to digital natives) fall into 3 clusters determined by their progress along the digital transformation journey.

  • Watchers: Who regard technology as an efficiency enabler and are trying to build a foundation for digital transformation.
  • Explorers: Those who regard technology as enabler for select functions that directly impact CX.
  • Visionaries: Rather, place technology at the heart of their business models and culture.
Transformation Propelled By Digital Maturity:

Speed Bumps Of Digital Transformation

We identified 22 key digital initiatives and then asked these players where their companies stood on implementing each initiative. Analyzing their progress further, we were able to identify shifting barriers of digital transformation journey.

Shifting Speed Bumps Of Digital Transformation

Accelerators That Provide A Head Start

The respondents with highest Digital Maturity Index have come out the strongest in Agile and DevOps, Automation and AI, Design, Learning, and Proximity.

Accelerators That Provide A Head Start

Acing The Last Lap of Digital Transformation

"If you have the right systems and process, a small number of talented individuals can have a big impact on a company's digital transformation journey", explains Infosys' Corey Glickman. Amplifying is all about creating select high impact programs that will push the envelope for digital transformation in a big way.

Collaborating with suitable partners to boost the digital transformation. There are several advantages to partnering as elucidated in the report. However, there is a great amount of synergy required between the cultures and shared goals of both the parties to be able to achieve the success.

IT Leaders Must Become Digital Change Advocates

Finally, Digital Transformation can succeed only when it is regarded as a holistic, organization-wide phenomenon. Hence its success depend greatly on the ability of the IT leaders to step out of their comfort zones and work across boundaries and functions to lend a cohesive vision.

Survey Audience At A Glance

Survey Methodology
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