Date June 19, 2013

Time 9 AM – 4 PM

Venue: One America Square, London, EC3N 2LB

Event overview

Explore the why, how and what next for active customer engagement for both household and business customers – at this year’s Innovation Hub. The water industry must continue to provide reliable and high quality services that ensure customers receive value for money. Greater customer insight through greater communication can help guide companies on change and investment needs in the future.


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Why attend?
CEOs from water companies will lead three interactive sessions and share experiences and insights, providing an external perspective. The hub will help companies review their policies, so that they can provide a service fit for the 21st century customer.

Who should attend?
Senior professionals from the water industry responsible for strategy, communication, customer services, and social media as well as industry stakeholders (e.g., consultants, NGOs, regulators).


Session Details


June 19, 2013


9 AM – 4 PM


One America Square, London, EC3N 2LB

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