Join our webinar on usage of social media for improving customer experience in the water industry.

Date: November 4, 2013
Time: 2:00 p.m. GMT
Duration: 40 min.

  • Pamela Taylor, CEO, Water UK
  • Roger Eatwell, Principal Water Industry Consultant, Infosys
  • Jags Sahota, Principal Social Media Consultant, Infosys

In this new social world, engagement is key. With increasing customer expectations coupled with a rapid increase in the use of technology, organizations need to be relevant to their customers. It’s time water utilities too began to understand and leverage social media better.

At the webinar, hear experts discuss and debate key trends in the UK water industry. Find answers to some crucial industry queries, such as:

  • Why should water utilities build a social media strategy?
  • Where should they start?
  • What benefits can it bring to their customers?
  • How can success be quantified?

Speaker profiles

Pamela Taylor, CEO, Water UK
Pamela Taylor is Chief Executive of Water UK, a post she’s held since its inception in 1998. Pamela has held senior positions with organizations such as the Water Companies Association, the WHO, the NHS, the BBC and the European Union of National Associations of Water Suppliers and Waste Water Services. Pamela was awarded the OBE in 2004.

Roger Eatwell, Principal Water Industry Consultant, Infosys
Roger Eatwell is a strategy consultant with Infosys. He has 20 years of experience working with asset-intensive industries including utilities, oil and gas, rail transportation, defense and manufacturing. He is responsible for founding the Water Practice at Infosys and developing its domain consulting and solutions with a focus on Europe.

Jags Sahota, Principal Social Media Consultant, Infosys
Jags Sahotaleads the social business at the Digital Transformation Practice of Infosys Lodestone. Jags spent many years leading strategic planning and creates valuable digital and social media products for global companies. Jags is responsible for helping brands evolve and achieve business objectives that create deeper, more profitable consumer relationships.