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Event details

Date: October 19 – 21, 2015
Location: Campus des Cordeliers, Paris, France

Event overview

The 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA'2015), sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, aims to provide a premier forum that brings together researchers, industry practitioners, as well as potential users of big data. It serves as a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas on the latest theoretical developments in data science as well as on the best practices for a wide range of applications.

IEEE DSAA 2015 will consist of two main tracks: Research and Application. The Research Track is aimed at collecting contributions related to theoretical foundations of data science and data analytics. The Application Track is aimed at collecting contributions related to applications of data science and data analytics in real-life scenarios. Then, DSAA solicits both theoretical and practical works on data science and advanced analytics.

Connect with Infosys
Infosys is a Platinum Sponsor at IEEE DSAA, 2015, Paris. At this event, our speaker — Ganapathy Subramanian, Vice President, Unit Technology Officer, Big Data & Analytics, Infosys — will speak on trends, innovations, and challenges related to advanced analytics and data science. We will also showcase our end-to-end analytics platform that helps organizations get insights from data in no time - Infosys Information Platform (IIP).

IIP is an open source analytics platform, which enables businesses to operationalize their data assets, and uncover new opportunities for rapid innovation and growth. IIP enables our customers to handle real-time data processing and real-time analytics, leveraging cutting-edge open source technologies and tools across all industry verticals. Discuss and interact with our experts at the conference to understand how IIP can help in driving business growth through real-time analysis and insights.

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