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Event details

Date: April 13 – 14, 2016
Booth: #1
Location: Etc.venues St Paul's, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A

Event overview

The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit provides a unique opportunity for sports professionals to gain a thorough understanding of this groundbreaking discipline, which has a powerful influence in all areas of high performance sport.

Session details

Topic: Monetizing Data from newer perspectives
Summary: We have wired up the players, the court, and the equipment. However, are we able to maximize the true potential of all this data we are generating?

In this session, Mohamed Anis will talk about the value of generating insights from various data streams in real -time and how this will help coaches and players to maximize their performance. Anis will also explore how these insights can revolutionize fan experiences globally, and how it fits into the larger fan engagement strategy.

Session description
This session will present a point of view on how our “Intelligent CRM” cloud offerings are providing unified intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) offerings for organizations to be smarter with services such as XRM Platform, cloud migration, micro-vertical solutions, analytics insights, performance engineering, etc. Hear from Infosys experts on how a comprehensive service catalog is established to support this journey and help your CRM journey in the cloud.

Connect with Infosys

Leaders from Infosys will offer insights on topics such as monetizing data from newer perspectives, the value of generating insights from various data streams in real-time using machine learning, and how this can help sport coaches and players maximize performance.

Join us at Infosys booth #1 to learn more about our offerings in sport analytics.

Speaker profile

Mohamed Anis

Mohamed Anis serves as the AVP and Head of Services and Oil and Gas at Infosys. He is a technology evangelist with 20 years of experience bringing technology led innovation to some of the largest organizations across the globe. As an avid sports fan, Anis has been spearheading the development of new products for sports analytics and transforming fan experiences, helping leagues and clubs increase fan engagement while being able to efficiently monetize their assets.