Date: January 03 – 04, 2017

Location Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas


The 2017 AT&T Developer Summit will have AT&T executives and industry leaders in attendance. It will be a great opportunity to engage with expert speakers on trends in technology, and get hands-on advice in the Expo with devices and demos. In this two-day summit, experts will offer their predictions and interact with the audience on in-depth knowledge on emerging technology and latest trends.


Connect with Infosys

At booth number 4, we will showcase its knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Infosys Nia™. It brings machine learning together with deep knowledge of an organization to drive automation and innovation. This enables businesses to continuously reinvent their system landscapes. Learn more about Nia here.

Find out how our Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are catalysts connecting farmers and their fields to procurement managers and warehouses. Discover how Infosys Nia, offers insights to manage crop health, irrigation, yield, and sales. Learn more about our smart farming offering here.