DateOctober 10, 2017

Location Ford Motor Company Conference & Event Center, Dearborn, Michigan, USA


Infosys is a key sponsor at The 4th Annual Detroit Pega Day which is taking place on October 10th at the Ford Motor Company Conference & Event Center in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Over 175 to 200 professionals from the automotive, high-tech, and manufacturing industries will be attending.

We welcome you to join us — together with customers, prospects, partners, industry experts, and Pega leaders — for discussing the current disruption in the automotive sector. We will also elaborate on the need to focus on the complete customer experience from purchase to post-sales, and the imminent demand to have systems that can help deliver the same.

Solution Showcase

The Infosys booth (#4) is where our experts will showcase live end-to-end demos and share how we can help solve the greatest business challenges for the digitally connected automotive players. The solution showcase will also include the following:

Solution Showcase

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