Date September 6 – 8, 2017

Location Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, USA

Infosys booth#D8


Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global held in Las Vegas, USA, is one of the largest meeting points for the most advanced airlines, airports, vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), government agencies, destination partners, and various other travel industry stakeholders.

Infosys Travel and Hospitality practice is putting together a live demo of augmented reality (AR) to showcase a system that enables automatic detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and mitigation of adverse events arising from component failures for jet engines.

This is a state-of- the- art platform to visualize the engineering issues of an aircraft and to simulate the potential problem and its impact. AR / Virtual reality (VR) glasses overlay the actual engine model and provide alerts, suggestions, and instructions for repair.

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Join our experts at booth number D8 during the event at Mandalay Bay resort, Las Vegas to understand more about our offerings and expertise in this domain

How we can help your business

AssistEdge for airlines
Airline IT landscape has a mix of legacy and modern disparate systems where integration is a major challenge due to constraints involved. Owing to these challenges, staffs have to work on multiple systems to perform their day-to-day activities and to enable decision-making. AssistEdge SE provides an outer integration to bring related applications together to improve productivity.

Mishandled bag analytics
Besides leading to huge monetary loss, mishandled baggage tarnishes the brand image. Infosys mishandled bag analytics provides a multi-model analytical view of passenger baggage flow to identify the risk and pattern of mishandling, and provides insights into baggage missing pattern to improve the service.

Demo: ChatBot
With the increased influence of social media, passengers can easily access information regarding their flight details, gate, shopping, food, special requests at any time (be at airport or elsewhere). Infosys Airport Assist Chatbot provides a flexible platform for airlines and airports to work as a virtual assistant throughout their journey to respond to their queries. It also has machine learning capabilities for responding with the relevant answers. The Chatbot platform can also be used by the staff for collaboration as well as getting various information on flights, gate, duty roster, etc.

Demo: Smart baggage
Many luggage-tracking systems now are simply isolated mobile smartphone applications tied into a proprietary third-party Web application using things such as bluetooth baggage tags. Smart Airline Baggage Management testbed aims to address the challenges involved in integrating disparate and isolated airline enterprise applications and systems into a single solution, for more efficient handling of smart baggage across the airline and aviation ecosystems.

Fatigue monitoring — Wearable/Whoop
WHOOP is a health monitoring wearable solution, which has a powerful analytical system that monitors the sleep pattern, heartbeats, rest level, etc. of a person. This can be used to monitor the pilot/crew fatigue levels based on the rest they have had before duty along with their sleep patterns.

Location-based services (LBS) for Truck tracking
Infosys LBS solution provides a platform for internal and external navigation and asset tracking. The location can be identified through radio-frequency identification (RFID), mobile/ GPS/ network, sensors/beacons, etc. The solution can be applied to navigate and track the flight catering trucks, tracking of trolleys, wheel chairs, etc.

Loyalty, MRO, payments
Infosys Blockchain technology can be used in multiple business areas in the travel industry such as loyalty points management, parts tracking, and quality checks during repair/maintenance and manage the vendor and partner payments in a highly secured manner.

Baggage analytics
Time bound and business critical operational management activities, which involves data from internet of things (IoT), requires an integrated platform which has the ability to collect, transform, analyze, and act upon the streaming data in real time. This needs to be supported by an environment that is scalable, reliable, and secure.

Infosys NIA
An integrated knowledge-based AI platform that applies next-generation AI and machine learning to improve business and IT processes dramatically, provides you with a solution in order to derive the analysis of the baggage in real time. With the framework in-built for leveraging both real time and offline analysis, it can add more business use cases depending on the need. The time series Dash Board provides the real time analysis of the scanner (number of bags passed through the scanner), and anomalies, if it is to be witnessed any in the direction of the baggage, delivery prediction, etc.

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