DateOctober 10th & 11th 2017

Venue London Lancaster Hotel, Westminster, London


Meet Infosys experts

Meet our experts at booth number 2 to discuss how adopting Business to Consumer (B2C) best practices can help maximise Business to Business (B2B) revenue, using digital technologies that are currently powering B2C side of the business. You will get a sneak-peek into our innovative and transformative solutions such as TradeEdge, Skava and AIMIA Loyalty platform which will enable you to effectively manage your B2B relationship in the future, thereby promising a better ROI.

  • Learn about TradeEdge, our insights driven platform which is helping Top CPG companies achieve 8% improvement in case fill rates, 3-4% reduction in non productive inventory, 80% reduction in manual order touches and 15-20% reduction stock out scenarios.
  • Skava’s modern e-commerce platform goes beyond transformative D2C initiatives. The cloud-native, micro service based technology can also power B2B initiatives, including supply chain integration to create a digital and mobile focused inventory, purchasing, and relationship management experience.
  • Read about the AIMIA Loyalty Platform, an innovative solution to drive engagement and brand loyalty helping you build direct relationship with your consumer. See how 500 brands with more than 300 Million members are benefiting with AIMIA Loyalty and Campaign Management products